Bajra Sandhi Monument
September 5, 2017
Bali Water Sports Tour
September 5, 2017

Bali Elephant Ride Tour

Riding an Elephant in Bali Islands and See the Fascinating Scenery from Top of The Elephant

Bali Elephant Ride Tour is an adventure travel programs to explore the beautiful scenery at the elephant park by ride to the largest mammal which is elephants and guide by professional elephant tamers. A completely different experience to fill the days of vacation in the island of Bali by riding elephants around the areas surrounding the elephant park. You’ll look like kings sitting on a chair teak and see the natural atmosphere from the top of an elephant.

We cooperate with the elephant park company that already proved its quality in providing services to guests. We have two programs elephant ride that you can choose the Bakas elephant park is an adventure ride an elephant in Bakas Village, Klungkung regency and Elephant Camp is an adventure ride an elephant in the village Carang Sari, Petang, Badung. Duration of the elephant ride we offer is 30 minutes. Really memorable for filling up the holiday by doing activities riding an elephant around the elephant park and enjoy the beautiful scenery offered in the park. Join Asia Bali Tour to enjoy the thrill ride an elephant on the island of Bali at an affordable price

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