Bali Bird Park Tour
September 5, 2017
Bali Sea Walker Tour
September 5, 2017

Bali Zoo Park Tour

Explore With Many Kind Species Animal At Bali Zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park Tour is a Bali Adventure Tour to enjoy private zoo own by Balinese with 130 staff and works together as a family, Bali Zoo Park set in 12 acres lush tropical garden and flowers surrounded. Very up market Bali Zoo Park with 100s quality build habitats including petting area for animals, walk through bird aviaries, Gibbon Islands, and Komodo Dragon cage and latest open range for African lions den. We set out to provide an experience for our visitors that like no other. One of Bali Zoo Park Tour aims is to encourage interaction between our guest and the animals. It’s a truly Hands-on Experience.

From the moment you enter Bali Zoo Park the gate you can hold and take picture with our tropical birds, feed the animals and much more. Friendly and welcoming environment Bali Zoo Park make a personal Bali Tour, our affordable entrance fees means fun day out for the family. We are able to provide catering for Bali Zoo Park Tour groups, schools, or private function such as birthday party, or corporate function. Bali Zoo Park easily accessed from all local famous tourism destinations, such as the center of culture, art and craft, beaches or regional shopping centers. Bali Zoo Park Tour is completely accessible for disabled by way off concrete paths and the Bali Zoo Park is covered under public liability

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